Cross Channel Brand Campaigns

  • Mobile and Desktop Digital Video
  • Cross-Channel Person-Specific Frequency Capping
  • Cross-Channel Brand Campaign Reporting
  • Fractional Conversion Attribution Feedback

As consumers access services on multiple channels (mobile web, mobile app, desktop, and other connected devices), leading brands now require cross-channel demand side platforms reach people and households in a connected whole. CrossChannel integrates state-of-the art device graphs from the likes of TapAd and CrossWise, together modeling over 80% of the US population connected devices. Leveraging these device graphs, using CrossChannel’s demand side platform capabilities, brands can now control and measure their campaigns in unprecedented ways.

CrossChannel advertisers specify their addressable audience for branded mobile and desktop digital video placements and CrossChannel bids on the advertiser behalf across mobile and desktop supply side platforms (SSP). CrossChannel offers person-specific frequency capping and brand campaign reporting.

When advertisers work with leading cross-channel measurement partners such as Experian OmniActivation and Acxiom Liveramp to onboard CRM data, CrossChannel relays exposure data by device ID and CRM segment back for retroactive ROI analysis. When brand advertisers work with cross-channel attribution systems such as VisualIQ and C3Metrics, fractional conversion attribution seamlessly occurs. CrossChannel account management works with the brand advertiser and their agency to execute, optimize and iterate for best success.

All CrossChannel Brand Campaigns campaigns are managed with 100% transparency.

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