Addressable Mobile

  • Addressable Mobile Audience Reach
  • Lookalike Custom Audiences
  • Loyalty and Conquest Campaign Execution
  • Third Party Audience Targeting
  • Mobile Video
  • Interstitial and Native Formats

Historically, advertisers have been unable to replicate the success of Custom Audiences outside of social channels on connected mobile devices because of difficulties finding their target audiences with precision. The great news is that times have now changed! With match partners such as Experian and Acxiom now able to match advertisers’ addressable audiences to CrossChannel mobile device IDs (over 98% of US households), Addressable Mobile is finally here!

CrossChannel account management works with performance-based brands to develop addressable segments that can be mapped to sets of mobile IDs:

   1. Advertiser CRM Data (with emails, addresses as “key”). Advertiser relays CRM data to Match Partner and then CrossChannel receives matching mobile IDs mapped to Advertiser Segments in a privacy conscious way from Match Partner.

   2. Custom Audiences developed with Data Partners. Match Partners may develop “lookalike models” based on audiences derived from Advertiser CRM data, and/or Data Partners will develop “conquest” segments based on credit card or debit card data. CrossChannel receives the developed models as lists of mobile IDs mapped to segments.

   3. Standard Audiences / Broad Demographic Segments. Third Party Data Brokers now provide a very large selection of audience segments mapped to mobile device IDs.

Each of these addressable segments can be mapped to sets of mobile IDs for mobile video, mobile interstitial and mobile native ad campaign execution.

Third Party Matching Partners :

Data Partners :

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