High ROI Programmatic Mobile

  • CPM/CPC/CPA/CPI Bidding
  • Mobile Video (VAST + MRAID)
  • Mobile Native
  • Custom Mobile Audiences
  • Custom Bidder Rules
  • Site-Specific Bidding
  • 100% Transparency

As a pioneer in performance-based in-app promotion since 2009, CrossChannel works with top iOS and Android application developers to reach quality users, ready to do in-app purchases, subscribe to premium services, and engage in mobile transactions.

CrossChannel advertisers bid on a CPM, CPC, CPA or CPI basis, and CrossChannel maps these bids to every mobile supply side platform (SSP) in highly engaging, full-screen interstitial, mobile video and native mobile formats. Our sophisticated bidding technology implements advertiser-specified rules, programmatically optimizing advertiser targets. When advertisers request managed services, CrossChannel’s account management team works closely with them to achieve High Return On Ad Spend (ROAS).

When advertisers promote mobile apps with CrossChannel, Third Party Measurement Partners relay post-install signals. CrossChannel uses these signals to automatically constructs Custom Audiences with machine learning techniques based on device ID observations across SSPs. Campaigns are then programmatically optimized towards the high performing audience segments.

CrossChannel executes all campaigns with full site-level transparency and site-specific bidding.

Mobile Supply Side Partners :

Measurement Partners :

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