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Lead Software Engineer

CrossChannel engineering is composed of a small number of high bandwidth engineers who work well as a team and independently. This is a role for a self-starter who is hard working, analytical, creative, and passionate about assuming a large amount of responsibilities and treasuring the adventure of non-stop learning.


Building new pipes of supply (RTB, Mediation layers) with ad serving optimization
Managing terabytes of data streams about devices, their usage
Managing APIs and other data pipes with customers, suppliers
Optimizing PHP scripts to return responses quickly
Extending our data model and working with others on our user interface
Regular problem solving with customers and suppliers as required


Several years of experience leading the development of algorithms to maximize eCPM
Several years of experience with Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP or Scala/Spark development
Experience with data sharding, scaling issues, hundreds of servers
Basic experience HTML/CSS, JavaScript, Ajax, knowledge of Internet marketing principles
Minimum 2 years work experience in both front-end & back-end development Shipping code under pressure — almost every other day — is required. You should enjoy regular code pushes and not be afraid to break things (and fix whatever you broke very quickly). We operate with a hacker culture where problem solving is celebrated.
Coding must affect revenue of the company or its customers and suppliers. Technical excellence (profiling, algorithm efficiency, unit testing) is valued but secondary to achieving tomorrow’s primary business objectives, and you must display good judgment.
Talking to real customers and people on staff who work with them is required. You should feel a high when solving their problems and want to solve a lot of problems.

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