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Machine Learning / Data Engineer

CrossChannel is a leading programmatic TV/mobile advertising company based in San Mateo, California. Every day the systems we build reach millions of consumers worldwide. We do this through data-driven behavioral modeling, built by a small team of awesome high-bandwidth engineers. This is a role for a self-starter who would like to work at the cutting edge of Big Data problems and is passionate about assuming a large amount of responsibilities quickly.


Develop key data processes containing of data streams about devices, their usage in mobile apps, TV shows and responsiveness to advertising
Develop user classification methods and behavioral models for prediction of user behavior
Apply behavioral models to Control Real-time Bidding, drive efficient mobile and TV advertising spend
Prototype and productionize data processing with Fortune 500 and Top Grossing mobile advertisers in practical settings


Practical project experience with using Scala/Spark and working with large datasets.
MS/PhD in machine learning modeling, using MLlib or equivalent tools to do production level data analysis
2+ years of experience with Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP, ideally having faced scaling challenges
Coding regularly and under pressure to assist in customer success.

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